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Are you Worried?

– Facing going to prison?
– Losing your driving licence?
– Going to be arrested?
– Someone close to you has been arrested?
– Asked to attend a Police Station?
– Have to go to Court?

Director: Ms Dee Igbo

We can help. We aim to secure the best possible result for you.

This could mean a No Further Action outcome following a police station interview, a not guilty verdict, a community order or a suspended sentence after a guilty verdict or a guilty plea  INSTEAD OF A  PRISON SENTENCE.


Penalty points INSTEAD of losing your driving licence.

Call or text our 24hr Emergency number:
07435972276 or 01992 631542 (office hours)


The list below contains a non-exhaustive list of what we can offer.

    1. Rapid Response to all your enquiries.
    2. Give you clear and easy to understand advice about your legal situation.
    3. Tell you what we think will happen in your case.
    4. In Crown court cases, regularly provide you with advice on evidence and sentence as new evidence are served.
    5. Inform you of any changes, delays or setbacks in a timely manner.
    6. Give you the information you need to make good decisions.
    7. Prepare you for all hearings.
    8. Match you with a lawyer best suited for you and for your case.
    9. Conference meetings with your Instructed barrister (Crown Court).

Delaney & Co Solicitors can represent you at:

  1. Police Stations.
  2. Magistrate’s Courts.
  3. Crown Courts.
  4. Courts of Appeal.
  5. Benefit fraud Interviews and Hearings.

All criminal matters covered:

Grave Crimes, Murder, Manslaughter, Knife Crimes.


Serious fraud offences (complex and non complex).

Serious drug offences (complex and non complex).

All other fraud and drug offences (including and not limited to benefit frauds.)

Notable Cases:

  1. R v R – Chelmsford Crown Court (2016). Possession with intent to supply Classes A&B. Client received a suspended sentence.
  2. R v W & 4 Others – Canterbury Crown Court (2016) . Possession of criminal property. Our client was the only one acquitted.
  3. R v C & Others – Central Criminal Court (2016). 8 handed conspiracy to steal. Client received 12 months in prison.
  4. R v R – Blackfriars Crown Court. (2016). Client found not guilty of serious group attack.
  5. R v S – Harrow Crown Court. (2016). 5 handed possession of criminal property of high value. Client found not guilty.
  6. R v G – Wood Green Crown Court. (2012). 5 handed rape case .  Matter dismissed  following representation from the solicitors.
  7. R v W – St Albans Crown Court. (2013). Client found not guilty of violent disorder and burglary arising from a riot spreading over the country at the time.
  8. R v W – Luton Crown Court (2017). Multi handed prison mutiny charge. Client received a community order.
  9. R v M – St Albans Crown Court (2018)  Operation Rivulose. Our client was the only person acquitted of this 6 handed conspiracy to steal, conspiracy to burgle and conspiracy to commit arson.
  10. R v R – Inner London crown court (2017) . defendant received 5 years 6 months for conspiracy to transfer firearms and ammunitions.
  11. R v B – Winchester Crown Court. Murder. ( 2019) Five handed murder case where our client was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 8 years whilst all the others received in excess of 30 years for murder.
  12. R v S – St Albans Crown Court. Conspiracy to supply drugs (2017). Case against client discontinued following representations from Solicitors.
  13. R v M – Chelmsford Crown Court. Conspiracy to burgle. (2019) Value £1million . 12 defendants all found guilty or pleaded guilty. Our client was the only person found not guilty.

Why Instruct Delaney & Co Solicitors?

At Delaney & Co, you are treated with kindness, compassion and patience and at the same time  competent legal advice and representation are not compromised.

Attending a police station or Court without proper representation could make a world of difference.

It could mean receiving No further Action following a police interview, an acquittal, community order or suspended sentence instead of a prison sentence. It could mean receiving penalty points instead of a disqualification.

A prison sentence is a loss of personal freedom, loss of home, loss of status, breaking up a family, increased pressure on loved ones and it can be a very unhappy and lonely experience.

Losing a driving licence or receiving a criminal record when you could have penalty points or no criminal record at all can have a negative impact now and in your future. Losing your driving licence and having a criminal record may bring a loss of money, job, career prospects and affect travel plans and dreams, not to mention quality of life and that of your family.

DO NOT needlessly worry and have sleepless nights or receive unnecessarily harsh results for your matter. Let us help you to secure the best possible result for your case and avoid any distress and heartache.

We do not use testimonials because in our opinion, they are not the most authentic validation of any company’s competence. They can be made up!

We receive a lot of positive feedback from our clients and people that we have assisted.

Please ask around and if you do happen to speak to anyone that have used our services, invite them to give an opinion of our services, this will give you the most authentic information about our practice.

Ms Dee Igbo

Dee Igbo spent over 12 years working for various Criminal law firms in London and Brighton before deciding to set up her own law practice in 2010 in Hertfordshire where clients could be provided with  excellent representation in a friendly and comfortable environment.  Ms Igbo was uncomfortable working for organisations where quantity took precedence over quality of advice, assistance and client care, not to mention absence of compassion and genuine interest in the law.

She had a vision of a practice where clients are treated as individuals and regardless of the seriousness of their cases, every case is treated with the utmost care and attention.

She also felt that the best results in cases can be achieved by carefully matching cases/clients with the right lawyers. Having witnessed the chaos and avoidable harsh results in some cases, caused by poor case management and instructing the  wrong lawyers, Ms Igbo set about to do more by improving the management of client’s cases to ensure integrity, quality, continuity  and above all to ensure clients are given a comprehensive legal advice and are fully updated on the progress of their cases.

Nothing is worse  than feeling out of control because you do not know what is going on with your case.

Unfortunately, we live in an uncaring climate of profit before people, reduced quality and pressure to push through as many clients as possible.  At Delaney & Co, the preferred option is to provide  quality service for a smaller number of clients.

Ms Igbo is happily married and the mother of two boys. Some of her interests are :

The Natural World, Nutrition and Wellbeing, Conscious living and Conscious parenting.

Mrs Mandy Caroline Brown has been the Office Manager at Delaney & Co Ltd for since 2012.  She has a wide experience of assisting people and helping to solve problems.

Mrs Mandy Caroline Brown

Areas Covered:

Cheshunt, Waltham Cross, Edmonton, Stevenage, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, Essex, London, East Sussex.

We can represent you anywhere in the UK if required.

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Mobile: 07435 972276

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Dee Igbo, Director

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